The Terrace Singapore EC was developed by Peak Square Pte Ltd on a 99 year lease.

The Terrace Executive Condominium sits atop 259,034 square feet and can be found in districts 19 or 28. The Terrace EC consists of 880,714 square feet. On the grounds are 747 Carpark lots comprised of 6 accessible lots, 2 Story MSCP, Full B1 and a Partial B2.

The Terrace Singapore EC is made up of apartment in 3 13-16 story blocks and 9 17 story blocks for a total of 747 units with landscaped decks, a common basement carpark and communal facilities. The Terrace Singapore EC has a reinforced concrete foundation with a Reinforced concrete superstructure. The walls both internal and external are reinforced concrete and/or clay bricks. The internal walls may contain drywall, precast panels, and/or solid block walls. The roof is reinforced concrete with water/sound proofing and an insulation system.

The units have ceilings of one or more of the following Skim Coat, ceiling board, and bulkhead with an emulsion paint finish. The dry area walls are Cement sand plaster and/or skim coat with an emulsion paint finish. The wet area walls are Ceramic and/or homogenous tiles. The unit floors are Ceramic and/or homogeneous tiles and may or may not possess laminate or matching skirting. Kindly refer to The Terrace Singapore E-Brochure The units sport windows of a Powder-coated finished Aluminum frame with one or more of the following types of glass tinted, clear, frosted, and laminated as appropriate.

The Main entry way unit doors are an Approved fire-rated timber. The bed and bathroom doors are a Hollow core flush timber door and/or sliding timber door. The Kitchen doors are a timber frame with infilled glass panels. The utility room doors are Aluminum PVC folding doors. Utility room doors may also be a hollow core flush timber.
The WC doors are Aluminum PVC folding doors. The units have PES and balcony doors of one of the following types: Powder-Coated finished aluminum framed sliding/swinging door, fixed glass panel with tinted glazing, and clear/frosted glass as appropriate. All in all this is one of the best projects you will find in Singapore and its not just the infrastructure but you will find that the lifestyle is amazing.