Tasty Beverages to Make With a Rechargeable Blender

Do you like fruit juices, shakes, and smoothies? Do you want to enjoy the comforts of home during a camping trip? We often assume that “roughing it” means giving up luxuries that are part of our daily routine. Indeed, microwaves and refrigerators do not fit nicely into a backpack camping. And you probably do not have 60 miles of an extension cord to run from the wilderness, into your home.

But does that mean that a camping trip in places like Berlin Ohio will reduce your food to trail mix and canned beans? Fortunately, technology has made camping not only more convenient but savory too. Some drinks may seem improbable or even impossible in the desert. A fruit shake is certainly out of the question, right? Well,  usb rechargeable blender have made it possible to prepare all kinds of tasty beverages:

Juice: The blender is perfect for making delicious and healthy fruit and vegetable juices. With fruit, you can make juice from grapes, strawberries, apples, mangoes, pears, and melons. If you make a vegetable juice, you can use, among other vegetables: carrots, spinach, celery, tomatoes (although technically a fruit), peppers, and even turnip greens (ugh!).

Shakes: Shakes are a little fancier than juices, but also provide as many varieties as your imagination can cook up. One of my favorite flavors is strawberry and banana. Along with the fruit, add six ice cubes and a cup of yogurt or milk. These two ingredients will make your shake chilled and creamier. If you are a chocoholic you can prepare a chocolate shake, instead of a fruit shake.

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