Improve The Coverage Of Your Wi-Fi Extender Using WPS Button

Here in this post, we are going to discuss the steps to enhance the range of WiFi extender. The process is relatively same for all the devices but with some little changes. If you find any issue in configuring the wifi extender, then you can take help from experts.

The steps to follow for setup of Range extender:

1.First step is to connect the Range extender to the power socket .

2.Press the WPS button on your router first, then press the WPS button on your Range Extender. While you are setting up your extender with router, keep this thing in mind that after pressing the WPS button on your router, press the button of your range extender within 1 or 2 minutes otherwise you will get issue in connection establishment.

3.After that check out LED blinking on the router and extender. If you notice that no LED has flashed during this process, then repeat the same steps.

4.If still there is no LED light blinking in the wireless range extender, then it means the Netgear Extender Setup is not correctly configured. Repeat the previous steps again on your router and on your extender. If the issue still continues, then contact with router manufacturers or extender support providers.

5.Place the Range extender near to the router. Once the setup gets completed, you don’t requre to configure the range extender again and again. You just need to switch on the devices and start enjoying high-speed internet at home.

Sometime user gets problem in connecting the product to the router. There are many factors which may disturb the WPS process. For more information regarding this issue, you can go to page or enter the query directly in the search field.

So, if you are facing any other issues, then read the instructions on our link or go to support page and dial our toll-free number.

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