Benefits of Orgone Pyramids

Orgone is a term coined by Wilhelm Reich of the word “organism” or spirit and physical matter. He began to explore how to harness this energy and speed up from 1940 on, it began to build so-called accumulators, devices used to harness and increase energy in the body.

Today, many people are using these accumulators orgonite to strengthen their own energy and harness the energy of the universe. They seem to strengthen their inherent energy of certain crystals greatly and can be used for many purposes programmed into the orgone. To buy the orgonite pyramid online, you can hop over to this site.

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Benefits of Orgone pyramid:

Purifies the Life Energy

In every nation in the world, there is a concept that all around us there is energy. This energy is actually the Life Force, the same energy that created you. Flowing around you and within you, constantly changing, changing and moving – it affects you as you affect Life Energy.

Chronic Fatigue cure

If you are constantly tired, even if you get enough sleep, a big warning! Low-frequency vibrations are everywhere, and if they have found a way to interact with the life energy in your body, there may be a blockage in your chakras.

Protect From EMF

With all the latest technology and gadgets combined with the influence of social media sites on your life, it is not surprising that you cannot live without cell phones. Take a look around you. Computers, laptops, smartphones, chargers, TVs, you are surrounded by EMF.

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