Paracord Knots to Make Unique and Stylish Paracord Bracelets

550 Paracord is made of nylon cord that was first used for the US military parachute. Nowadays used by both military and civilians as a versatile utility, and can be purchased in different colors and patterns.

In addition, as is clear from the use of cables such as straps for tying gear for vehicles, mountaineering and rescue rope, it continues to grow in popularity as craft materials. You can buy paracord band from various online sources.

By using knots paracord to weave the rope together, artisans and manufacturers can use the elastic rope to make bags, straps, belts, dog collars and leashes, bracelets survival, jewelry, lanyards, key chains, figures, and various other objects.

There are many knots paracord used to craft the make or accessory survives. Some knots are considered “practical” knots for usefulness and strength, while the other knots are “decorative” gives the product an attractive appearance.

Most straps and lanyards using practical knots to secure paracord, but many also use decorative knots to give them thickness and style. Decorative knots are often used to manufacture a number, dog collars, key chains, and bracelets.

Some practical knots are Prusik knot, named after its creator allegations, Karl Prusik. This knot is “won” the rope securely looping around the other rope. It is used for the rescue rope and by cavers. An effective binding knot is a knot Constrictor which, when tightened, it can be very difficult or impossible to open.

Decorative knots including diamond knot at the end of a lanyard that is used to bind them together. It can be used alone or at the long end raised decorative knots woven lanyard.

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