How Chinese Jade Is Beneficial To Health?

Ounce for ounce jade is more valuable than gold. And that’s without taking a piece of ancient values into account. The jade market is currently booming. 

If you are fond of jade then you can get Chinese antique jade via Everyone seems to want jade, not necessarily because of its beauty or monetary value but for the health benefits.

Jade was first found in China river Turkestan where two such rivers are still known as the ‘Black Jade river’ and ‘White Jade River’. Jade is considered to be ‘Yang’ (male) power. 

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Nephrite, a softer jade, was first carved into amulets to ‘relieve stomach heat, improves heart function, calm the nerves, strengthen blood vessels and improve eyesight and hearing and harmonize the body, to ward off the fear and anxiety and achieve longevity. 

In addition, not only the Chinese who believe these things. Egypt, Maori, Korea and the Mesoamerican Aztecs also loved it. 

Jade crushed into powder and applied to open wounds to facilitate healing. However, there is some disagreement about whether it is effective when taken internally as some believe themselves strong gastric juices destroy the body. But many believe that external forces greatly benefit health.

If you want jade antiques then you can find various galleries online. You should choose a trusted source to invest in Chinese jade.

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