Documents That Need To Be Destruct Securely

Among the fastest-growing crimes of time is identity theft. In the last few years, identity thieves have left many people feeling uncomfortable and with great reason. 

It’s comparatively simple for someone to steal your identity, particularly for people who know what they’re doing. As soon as your data has been stolen, your bank accounts may be emptied or the balance on your credit cards may be installed.

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Listed below are the top files to shred to protect yourself against identity theft:

1. Financial documents are a clear hit for identity theft. These records include all of your financial information, maybe even your account numbers.

2. Magnetic media – disks, tapes, CD or anything else keeping digital data.

3. Payroll records. These records include just how much money you make, just what thieves wish to understand.

4. Legal records. Though these files may not include financial information, they probably contain personal information which may result in your financial information.

5. Account documents – that include personal information such as your address, contact number and at times even your social security number.

6. Medical documents

7. Class Rosters

8. Maps and blueprints

9. Inventory lists. This is similar to a map to get a robbery. Knowing what you have makes it very easy to understand what to slip.

10. Confidential correspondence – like emails, letters, etc.

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