Locating the Pricipal Garden condominium

The Principal Garden Condominium is located in 99 Prince Charles Crescent in district 3. This place is all about providing a lavish life. Raise your sights as soon as you enter this beautiful place. What is better if you get all your needs and wishes fulfilled with just one simple investment? Here, at The Principal Garden Condominium, you have everything that you have ever wished for. Mouth – watering feasts available at all times at the cafe’s, artisan bakeries and the international cuisines. And after that, heavy shopping at the Tiong Bahru Plaza and Ikea Alexandra. As far as brilliant residential services go, The Principal Garden Condominium has been rated the best in Singapore today.
Firstly, it provides a cozy blanket of nature around you with the lush greenery of the campus. Waking up to beautiful mornings everyday. Life is a lot simpler if we have everything we need around us. With the main market at just a walking distance, there’s nothing better to go for. The shopping malls are at just a 3-4 minutes’ walk from the The Principal Garden Condominium and it’s definitely a benefit.
Here at Principal Garden Singapore, schools are at a convenient radius from your home, so that the kids have lesser traveling time and can spend more quality time with the family. Also, the expenses which would have incurred on the buses or the public transport are now zero. It’s definitely worth a shot.  Visit www.principalgarden-uol.info for the indepth details of this Redhill condo
The place Principal Garden at Dairy Farm road gives you the time of your life. Imagine waking up to a calm, serene, beautiful morning everyday to a hot cup of coffee in your hand and reading the newspaper by the beautiful and lush greenery. And after that, a little swim in that infinity edge pool to get all those muscles to work for the day. After this, when you come back home from a very stressful day at work, the first thing that catches your eyes is the beauty of nature all around you and then perhaps a little walk around it should sound like heaven. The Principal Garden Condominium will leave you refreshed and jolly for every single day of your life.



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