Be Alert Of The Silent Killer Called Ovarian Cancer

Many women do not realize that ovarian cancer is also known as the Silent Killer as the symptoms are generally not visible and do not indicate the existence of cancer.

This cancer has been known to affect as many as over 20K women around the world every year and because of the lack of visible symptoms indicating cancer. You can also get more details online about who can file a talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit.

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Causes And Risk

The cause of this cancer is not clear yet but the family history is a risk factor, and women having a family member or relative with ovarian cancer are definitely at a higher risk of cancer.

Age may also be referred to as a risk factor for most women get it after 60 -63 years. Also, women who have had one or more pregnancies before the age of 26 are at a lower risk.


Phase 1 – This is the initial stage of ovarian cancer where only the ovaries are affected.

Stage 2 – This is a second stage where the cancer is outside the ovary and spread around the area such as the uterus, fallopian tubes, bladder or rectum.

Stage 3 – This is the next stage of cancer where it affects the lymph nodes, the lining of the stomach or even the back of the abdomen.

Stage 4 – the last stage of cancer where cancer has spread to other body parts outside the peritoneal cavity i.e. abdominal or pelvic up to the heart, fluid around the lung or spleen.

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